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Our company has a long history of service to dental and medical specialists around the world. Founded in 1957 by William Gray Boyd in St. Petersburg, Florida, Boyd began operations as a custom residential furniture company. At that time, we manufactured a contoured “lounge” style chair whose shape inspired our logo.

Mr. Boyd had many customers, both dentists and doctors, who desired equipment that would enable them to practice from a seated position. Challenged with this task, Mr. Boyd was one of the pioneers of “sit-down” dentistry. Once the concept became the preferred technique, Boyd Industries elected to further refine and specialize our products to cater to orthodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, endodontists and select medical specialists.

Over the years, we remained focused on the personalized needs of our customers. Just as our customers have received specialized training, Boyd designs and manufactures equipment to meet the specific rigors of a busy specialty practice.